Telegram GIF | Telegram Icon GIF Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project

1. Telegram Logo GIF start from the Telegram Logo. This Telegram Icon has a white paper plane in a circle with a blue (#0088CC) background.
2. White lines enter the Logo background with simple position property. The lines appear only inside the blue background using Set Matte Effect. As this happens, the paper plane reshapes into an arrowhead using shape path keyframes. I used long lines with higher speeds and shorter ones with lower speeds to recreate the sense of distance and perspective. The paper plane reshapes into an arrowhead as it goes through the fast lines. A couple of location wiggles towards the top-left and bottom-right create a better sense of movement through the white lines.
3. As the arrowhead forms and rotates, the envelope rotates in 3D x direction and hits the arrowhead back and forth. I used this simple expression with a slider to set the envelope rotation parenting coming to effect, as it hits the envelope door:
slider=effect(“Parent Switch”)(“Slider”); (thisComp.layer(“envelope door still parent”).transform.xRotation*slider)+(thisComp.layer(“envelop”).transform.xRotation)*(1-slider);
You can learn about this expression and use two parents for a single layer in this tutorial from “Momentum Studio – Kristijan”. 4. As our Telegram GIF Icon’s envelope appears, the door shadow gets visible. I used the set matte effect again on the shadow layer from the envelope layer to achieve this.
5. While the envelope bounces back on x rotation, reshapes into the envelope door or now arrowhead.
Finally, the arrowhead of our Telegram Animated GIF Logo reshapes into the original paper plane, creating a full loop.
This Telegram after-effects project consists of 19 after-effects shape layers and one null layer. The frame rate for the smoothest experience is 50 fps which can be lower and customized inside the after effects project. This Telegram Logo GIF has 164 frames or a duration of 3 seconds and 14 frames.
You can customize and use this transparent Telegram GIF Icon (16 Colors 350px or 64 Colors 1080px) and after-effects project file, to practice, without attribution necessity under this standard license.

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