Animated Commercial Motion Graphics Samples

Animated Commercial Motion Graphics explained

We deliver true highlights and effective feature of your product or idea in the most enjoyable and perceivable way from start to finish with an Animated Commercial Motion Graphics.
This is the suitable platform for introducing products, services, websites, outlining advertisement points or application tutorials, organisational reports, and presenting cultural or educational concepts, in the form of organized data.


$25 /work hour

2 Weeks


Genuine Content

Slick Yet Honest Content

Intriguing Story

Fascinating Story Structure

Research Based

Customer & Market Research

Lit Visuals

Effective Graphics

Emotive Sounds

Precise Sound Effects

Voice Over

Smooth Narration

Animated Commercial Production Steps

Day 0

Placing your Order

The first step would be to fill the order form, accessible here.

Day 0

Day 1

Providing your Blueprint Material

At this stage, we need you to provide us with every conceivable thing that might give us better clues for the project. This includes general information, any prepared statement, your catalogs, website or application.
We’d also ask you to have these items prepared before signing the contract:
– Any relevant comment about the Animated Commercial Motion Graphics, the medium or the policies behind it.
– Any concept you need to include that we might miss.
– Vector File of your logo.
– Contact info to include in the video (if you wish to include it)
– Your organizational color pallete.
Day 1

Day 5

Writing the Screenplay and Narrative

This is when the entirety of the screenplay and storyboard (including the dialogues and notes) are created. We devise the blueprint of Animated Commercial Motion Graphics and place the points you want and the results of our research together to make in the video with a structure-based approach in your desired length of the video. Our baseline for narration is 135 words per minute.
At this stage, you can make revisions on the content free of charge. The revised agreed-upon screenplay is sent to our narrators.
Day 5

Day 7


The finalized content is practiced and narrated at our studios, supervised by our art director. The whole narration department is focusing on getting right your project at this time and the narration is revised and edited until we get the desired mood, tone, and accent.
The narration speed is set by what feels organic, smooth, and natural. The Animated Commercial Motion Graphics video is later synced with the sound, not vice versa.
Day 7

Day 13

Storyboard Design

Now we go about forming a precise storyboard for the project. This stage helps us have an imagined clear view of the entire project of Animated Commercial Motion Graphics, and to be able to evaluate, tweak, and improve each part numerous times before the costs manifest.
Day 13

Day 24

Visuals and Sound Effects

After having every constituent part ready and perfected, we start creating your Animated Commercial Motion Graphics, based on the precise roadmap and the storyboard, in sync with Narration and with the highest quality. Sound effects, hand-picked to match your specific project to amplify the message of the video, are then added and fine-tuned with 1/30 of a second precision. Music is also integrated at this stage.
Day 24

Day 30


At last, the final output of the project is presented in full resolution and quality for your review and comment. Should you need any Integral edits, ranging from the concept to the form of the project, we proceed with up to two stages of revisions.
Day 30

Animated Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes! If you see it as it actually is; it is an investment to secure your business and idea -which is probably your most significant legacy and asset- and add value to it to bring its terrific potential to life and benefit from them. What we charge is a little over what you pay to hire a single freelancer. Still, you get a complete package of services from a team of professionals, supervised by visionary project managers of a well-established commercial agency. And you're getting all this with the best quality for the buck.


From “research and content development” to giving it an efficient form through a tremendous story structure, setting it alive, and directing and retouching, we try to go forward and push the limits to achieve the best possible state in the project. This “Best Possible State” is what we work to achieve, we care about it even more than the money listed under the package.

Skipping on strong advertising for excuses like uncertain efficiency, money problems or time limits just makes you relive a part of history that no one even remembers anymore when the developed world was standing still.

If you see the asset (not liability) nature of it, this question doesn't make much sense. Unfortunately, money is one of the most common excuses when businesses deal with advertising, although it has a tremendous payback rate, and ignoring it guarantees misery and wastes all of your investment. $500 costs as much as a modest vacation abroad, plumbing, or a year of cable membership. Spending as much of the price of a mid-range bicycle on your legacy is a no brainer, It’s like you spent so much on a restaurant, made your food and services ready but didn’t spend anything on letting people know you exist and how your food tastes, so you’re gonna recycle all that cold food instead of making a profit off it.

Plus, online video marketing has the highest market share with the cheapest cost for customer reach. This means that this well-developed video can be viewed by countless customers all around the world; the equivalent in traditional advertising requires an unimaginable army of salesmen who can also magically keep the quality of their conversations at max.

So because of the characteristics of an animated commercial at the highest level of internet marketing, which provides infinite flexible options through countless clicks, you’re paying a lot less for so much more views with an impressively better picture for the business.

Add to all of this an unbeatable price ratio even compared to the entire freaking planet!

An Animated Commerical Motion Graphics Costs about $500 Per minute here. 

Because a 2D Animated Commercial gives you every advanced graphical tool along with essential conceptual possibilities to connect with people.

A 2D Animated Commercial is the best all-in-one possible solution to tell your story because you can’t do epic shit with basic equipment. Forget the boomer's age when businesses could thrive on spreading through word of mouth or other non-net methods when the internet was something new and fancy just for governments, industry giants, geniuses, or nerds. It’s now old news that using the internet to reach customers using advanced internet-based methods, is a must. You can’t survive this league with old tactics.

An advertising video, especially an Animated Commercial, is by far the most powerful tool to make an original and effective voice for your brand and what it is about.

If you have something to say about your product or topic and you need to tell people that you and your product exist! No matter how terrific the value you create is, you are simply not going to have the interest of a buyer or investor if they don’t know about you and your greatness.

It’s an animated motion graphics video explainer that tells your story, delivers your message, and shows your big-picture vision to the customers. It also helps you show every aspect of your work and your qualities through the story structure of a story.


Here we bring every talent and technology necessary together to make such an Animated Commercial; enjoyable to watch for the audience, and efficient in serving your target goals for the video.

This is one the Motion Graphics and Animation Frequently Asked Questions that we get very often. As the name suggests, motion graphics are animating graphical elements in the context of a video clip. Every concept is represented with a single or a group of attractive moving elements in a categorized and streamlined fashion, even the smallest details in an element’s movement can be utilized to convey a message.

Animation, in contrast, is more literal and objective. In animation advertisement or Storytelling Animations -such as Educational or Fictional- the picture is more the concept itself, not a ‘‘Graphical’’ representation of it, per se.

The question of whether you need commercial motion graphics or animation finds the answer in the context of your goals. Motion graphics do best when we want to explain an idea in a monologue narration; it lets us create representations of the ideas being explained and animate them in sync with the narration to boost the effectiveness, keep the audience interested, and to simplify the concept by visual means to help to communicate the message more precisely.

But if we’re to create educational, entertaining, or commercial content in a dedicated story, the animation is the way to go.
Although the story makes for an important part in the backbone of both animation and motion graphics projects, it has an even more crucial role in animation. Animation requires the creation of a child world in which we set the laws and rules, hence we need to make sure we make it more consistent and believable. Whereas motion graphics have more of a carefree environment where elements may step out of boundaries if need be.

You should form a clear and precise idea of what you need in your animated commercial. Find the closest example in terms of style and quality and drop a name or link to it in the further explanations section or upload a screenshot. If you’ve never seen something close to what you have in mind, describe it to us in as much detail as you expect the outcome to have.
In projects for which we accept directing or content creation, you can judge our performance based on our previous project. We, of course, aspire to do a better job each time and improve our track record. But looking back at our finished projects makes it possible to have an idea of our style of work and vision.

We use the industry standards in the field in each of the categories of our work. These are the software programs that form our standard workflow if the situation demands or upon your request, other software can be used for the project.


– Character and Element design and preparation: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


– Logo Motion and 2D isometric Animated Commercial Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects


– Adobe Character Animator, Adobe After Effects Rubberhose, Adobe Animate: Character animation


– Editing and Sound Mix: Adobe Premier


– File Compression: HandBrake

We will find fertile research grounds to harvest market and customer insights based on your goal, target audience, and the platform the video is to be published on, to design the narration script with an intuitive structure and flow directed with an interesting and magnificent yet purposeful motion graphics, animation, music and sound effects.


If you know that your business is outstanding, then it deserves an outstanding voice and strategy to globalize. We’re here to take what’s in your mind as a blueprint and make it a lot more presentable and convenient.

Even if you find a way to talk to your customers to sell your great product or to communicate with your audience to explain your breakthrough idea, It’s just naïve to assume that a revolutionary product sells itself, neither can we assume that great knowledge about a product is necessarily understandable or even bearable, don’t even think about it being enjoyable!


You need to talk smarter than your competitors or else you’re going to lose the sales of your better product with poor advertising of their poor product but with better advertising, especially in an Animated Commercial.


We’re talking about a situation where there is an idea, but it needs to be paraphrased in the right way when the information is there but needs to be delivered correctly. That’s why we refrain from working with poor quality and including a false advertisements or wrong information. Simply put, we can’t help someone sell something bad or explain something wrong, but if you believe you’re the best, then you must have your marketing needs to be taken care of accordingly to go through the best communication way you’re exactly in the right place.


We turn all of your information into well-developed content and narration text for your exact desired video duration.  (there would be around 135–145 final words in each minute of your Animated Commercial video)

Have you ever just liked a company and felt curious about them just because of their brand identity, even before you see any of their products? We aim to make your customers feel this way about you!


But how are we going to lift your brand’s image? Content-wise, We inform your customers about the revolutionary ideas behind your business, its features, and the benefits you offer to solve customers problems, reach their expectations and introduce and meet new hidden beneficial potentials.


We paint a clear and fresh picture of your brand identity through animated commercial motion graphics to represent your big-picture vision and specific solution methods and build a growing customer base and generate new Business to Business sales leads. They’re going to remember you for future interactions and salience developments, even if they don’t make a purchase today.

The bottom line is that we inform audiences about the distinct specifics of why you’re great and how you’re going to meet their demands and even uncover new possibilities and horizons, in an understanding way that’s at the same time entertaining for them.


We communicate a particular subject’s headline or a “product and service”’s various features and characteristics. Differentiating each one another, then integrating them all as a whole to help the customer conclude his/her research about a purchase decision with clear definitive reasoning.


Consumers require actual evidence to go crazy, like when Steve Jobs showed the touch-pinching ability of the iPhone multi-touch gesture for the first time and the crowd went crazy for it. He couldn’t get that reaction by just saying Apple is great with a bunch of different ways.


Customers have become numb to traditional advertising to the point where they distinctively distrust you when you try to persuade them you’re awesome and all, by just saying so! Extreme expressions and relying on overdramatization, also imply that actual details of the content and the message are not good enough to stand on their own.


In our 2D Animated Commercial studio, we pair factual statements from tangible experiences with emotional attachments, specially designed for every purpose. We build from the materials we actually want to represent, describing prominent features and summarizing the role each play in the development of overall quality instead of counting on unrelated overused cliché lines.


Though the audience may not understand the definition of some Advanced technical terms, they are still eager to know how we’re going to provide them with these amazingly user-friendly capabilities. So our job is to break down the complexity of these terms and describe to them the mechanisms through which their problems will be solved, in an understandable language.

What you need is a strong and compelling Story! It always has been. We create your story using the content extracted from a lot of research, then build it up with a graphical story in a modern and minimal way.


After prioritizing your suggested content, removing repeating ideas, and improving potential highlights with precise emotional flavors to support the facts, we’re going to rebuild them through a working story structure.


We approach the audience in point A with equal amounts of logical and emotional reasoning to identify and dissect their problems and needs, then proceed to comprehensively unfold our perspective, present our unique solution and explain why our product or service is the better option. Finally, at point Z we validate the discussed ideas along with the reasonable price to solve their problems and unlock their potential and inform the customer of how he/she can use our product/service. All the parts in the story are interconnected; which makes our reasoning persuasive.


The exit point of our content journey is where your customer/audience reaches our desired state of mind.


Remember when we summarized and clarified reasons and evidence behind your greatness from your blueprint information in an integrated content structure? Those inputs, promise the impact they were meant to have, at the end of our journey. The highlights and punchlines are exactly designed in our studio to target the audience with knowledge and emotions to influence them and trigger a developed product demand.


Now your customer is about to make that original conclusion through our organic conceptual journey.

An animated commercial is super compatible with the idea of “Saying more, with less”! Because of its compact form and flexible visual possibilities, it can empower advanced and layered contexts.


You can’t just tell them all the information like you have 30 minutes. The attention span you’re getting on the internet is coming down to seconds these days. This form of Animated Commercial Motion Graphics, however, lets us communicate what we made from all of your scattered information, like those long sales calls or that 10-page catalog, quickly to the point in a multilayered categorized style.

With motion graphics and animations through Animated Commercials in Moein Video, we can make the perfect representation of every product or subject and bring it to life by giving it a powerful flow using the storyline.


In this kind of video we can let our imaginations run infinitely, regardless of what expensive decoupage is feasible, or how long does it take and how sure we’re of it. Here we create the storyboard only for the sake of supporting the story so that it succeeds in delivering our message and reaching our goals.


We bring you the latest technology in 2D animated commercials with necessary original 3D add-ons in the slickest and smooth video context using advanced techniques from after effects coding, to using break-through solutions like “joystick n slider” and iExpression plugins in after effects, or octane renderer in Cinema 4D.


We create stunning graphics and forms, with an organic and uninterrupted flow to make the best possible visuals happen in harmony and cooperation connection with each other and the final goal of the video.

Logo Animation

A Logo Animation is around 4 seconds Animated video of your logo constructed from the Graphical Elements of your own logo in an interesting, organic, and memorable way. elements of the story, its logic, and what is going to get stuck in the audience’s mind, all arise from both the graphical and conceptual identity of your logo, and its goal.


/work hour

4 Days


Original Design

Designed From Scratch

Identity Mark

Communicates Who You Are

Brand Booster

Boosts Brand Awareness

Glance Suitable

For Short Attention Spans


Enjoyable Experience

Sound Effects

Experience Booster

Commercial Logo Animation Production Steps

Day 0

Placing your Order

The first step would be to fill the order form, accessible here.
Day 0

Day 1

Providing Logo File And Info

Then We need to get standard file of the logo (PSD, EPS,AI) in additional to your description of what`s “your version of the story behind your logo and brand”. If you Don’t have the standard logo format, it’s alright, even if you have your logo sketch on a piece of paper, we will professionally redesign it in a computer environment at no charge.

Day 1

Day 3

Designing the storyboard

Then based on your logo’s visual characteristics and the message you plan to convey, we devise a storyline which after discussions and revisions, turns into the initial storyboard. The initial sample is then created for your consideration and inputs.

Day 3

Day 7

Producing the Visuals

After feeling competent about the Storyboard and where it would go, The next stage is taking all the revisions and edits into account to produce the final logo reveal footage to later mix it precisely with suitable music or sound effects

Day 7

Day 8

Putting Down Sound Effects

Now it’s time to delight the visuals, empower their strength and improve the audience`s overall experience by sound effects and music track, precisely designed and timed to let the audience conceive our message.

Day 8

Day 10


After rounds of perfecting the video, your Logo Animation is Good to go. You could get up to two non-fundamental-revisions then you get the finalized video.

Day 10

Logo Animation Frequently Asked Questions

A Logo Animation made in Moein Video is around 4 second Animated video of your logo constructed from the Graphical Elements of your own logo in an interesting, organic, and memorable way. elements of the story, its logic, and what is going to get stuck in the audience’s mind, all arise from both the graphical and conceptual identity of your logo, and its goal.

You don't want to be boring as much as you don't want to be entertaining at the cost of delivering random irrelevant content. We solved both these problems. A Smooth, cool and simple logo animation keeps the beginning, middle, and end of your videos entertaining and interesting in a Meaningful and Targeted manner.


In a world where the audience’s attention span is getting shorter by the day, a Logo Animation helps tell the whole story of your brand, what you accomplished and what you’re pursuing in your business to your target audience, in a 4-seconds nutshell. So you get to demonstrate who you are and what you’re about, in a modern and efficient way, guided by a powerful graphical storyline.


You need your audience and customers to be aware of your brand and your logo and also remember it clearly. A Logo Animation helps you meet both of these goals; it creates brand awareness by getting your logo into your audience’s mind in a clear and meaningful way that meets the goal of targeting that audience.

Based on our numerous successful experiences of the past, we have developed an industrial and artistic methodology to make the best Logo Intro Animations with maximum simplicity and efficiency. The Logo Animation will be made from its own elements and the story behind its graphic identity. 

None. You will get a free logo remake upon purchasing a Logo Animation. We make it free of charge.

Just send us whatever you have of your logo and we’ll remake it for free. Just like that. We will deliver a unique and specialized Logo Intro Animation that makes your brand and your business special to your customers within 6 days.

General Frequently Asked Questions

Price of Your Animated commercial Motion Graphics Price gets determined based on Services you need and the exact man hour they take.

No. Our Animated Commercial Motion Graphics are all-inclusive.

No, because we previously cut the price on included items to make the product as a whole less pricey, so not only it wouldn't be deductible, but we insist on not changing a part of what we made to maintain its critical integrity.

After finishing the Animated Commercial Motion Graphics video, you can change things around in two stages of revision, during which we try to understand what you didn’t like, explain our rationale in creating it, and finally reach an understanding to redo it. Agreed-upon revisions are repeated until you’re satisfied with them. But it’s not possible to request new changes after we have concluded the revision stages. Put simply, you have two chances to change things around fundamentally and after that, we’ll only on previously raised issues until you like them. If you still need to change something after the revision stages, We will gladly do it for an extra charge.


* It should be noted that it’s not our intention to limit your editions at all, we just want to have all the information at once and improve the efficiency of the project.

As constructive as possible! We use all the initial data you provide to create the storyboard as well as an outline of the project. Later on, we may need additional information, computer files or inputs. That’s why upon signing the contract we’ll need arrangements to have access to you or a representative of your team. As an example, we may need to verify the text one final time before we send it off for narration.

Because otherwise, we would lose coordination and the project will drag on far longer than our timelines allow.


We suggest you brainstorm among your creative group of people to settle on your goals and policies and determine as much detail as you can, then put a Representor through delegated authority in charge of communicating your ideas to us. your representative should have the final say in the matters we discuss and get back to us within 24 hours. You may manage to hold brainstorming sessions for each of our queries or just put everything in the hands of your representative.

In the process of determining our Animated Commercial Motion Graphics prices, we’ve aimed for top-class quality and big-budget projects for the next 3 years; but for now, we’re focused on making our prices and their according qualities fill the gap between inefficiently cheap and unrealistic expensive storytelling, animation and advertising which we believe is the most demanded Animated Commercial price range in the market.


There are products that although cheap -say 100$ to 500$ per minute-, are at best a waste of your time and money; or worse, a bad reputation stuck to your brand. Pricey studios take the upper price range of $50k to $500k per minute but are not a realistic option for most customers, from start-ups to businesses. Plus, their high cost makes it hard even for big organizations to place frequent orders, which is a must if they want to measure the effectiveness of their advertisement product.

By default, We send your Animated Commercial over in .mp4 file format with h.264 codec in Full HD with 16:9 aspect ratio. However, you can also have them in all the standard and non-standard file formats upon prior request. 

No. We cannot start your project before having all the details, signing a contract, and receiving an initial payment.


After finalizing your order, we will start our collaboration in the steps detailed here for each of our packages. Start here to receive a precise quote and delivery time based on your needs and corporate policies.

The reported delivery time is exactly how long it will take for your project to mature, not the maximum time. Our workflow dictates taking all the time we have agreed upon to work on your project. So even if we finish your Animated Commercial  (2D Motion Graphics) a few days ahead of time (which is almost always the case), we will take the remaining time for revisions and tweaks until we deem the outcome perfect.


The exact timeframe, however, will be discussed and finalized once we have all the details about your specific project that you noted in agreed-upon contract.

Yes. All the export files are available in HD resolution (2K or 4K, upon your request) and a minimum of 30fps, to form the optimal impression of the project for you, and get the best feedback as we go along. But generally, we keep a watermark on the Animated Commercial Motion Graphics preview files before all the payment is done. You the same best version without the watermark after all the payments are done.

We provide you with the source files and limited copyright to the final output for all the Animation Advertising projects, and all the services, for a certain cost.


We also need to ask you to A) Ask us for the source files at the time of submitting your order, not later. And B) Take into account the size of such a database, with large lossless, high-quality, inputs and project files. Be sure you have access to about 3GB to 10GB (sometimes more) of disk space for every minute of your project.

Because of the sheer size of project files and the need to have access to the maximum render efficiency of our computer systems, your files will be archived for a maximum of 2 months. However, we only guarantee to keep your data and provide it to you, until the project delivery time.


There are, of course, studios that boast of not ever having done a data erase, but rather than spending resources on keeping hold data and providing services for them, we rather put our entire focus on the project at hand, and use all the time and resources on improving our quality of work.

The clues we get from you help us choose the decisive themes of the project. If you don’t provide any part of the visual identity for use in Animated commercial Motion Graphics, we create them using what information we gather from you and their relationships with each other. In the areas like directing or artistic composition, we take creative decisions following our own style of work and experience, which you can get an impression for by looking at our past projects.

We welcome any opportunity to challenge ourselves and aim to achieve something we haven’t even tried before. That’s why as an incentive for the customers we charge 2 to 4 times our standard rate to deliver your Animated Commercial project with 5 to 10 times the quality of our standard projects.

There are two options available for the music used in your videos at the moment:


1/ Customized music track composed by our talented musicians:
The advantage of this option is that we will be working with a music track exclusively created for your project. So, instead of adapting the storyline to be in sync with the music track, we compose the music track based on the needs of the project. This gives us more control and harmony over the content of the video. Furthermore, we will have continuous access to the composers, should we need to change any detail of the music to achieve the perfect result.


2/ Buy from AudioJungle:
The standard price range for a music track on AudioJungle is $15 to $45 (with a license for a 1000 copy distribution, no TV/Radio broadcasting). The unlimited license for public broadcast for up to 1M people runs for 3x – 4x the standard rate.

We have been referring to this website for a long time now as the industrial standard of the field. The advantage of this approach is the wide variety of styles and genres available. The disadvantage is the lack of flexibility in the music track, once bought.

These music tracks are identified with Content ID, so if YouTube, for instance, flags your video as copyrighted, you can easily provide your license information and continue using it legally.
To find your music from AudioJungle, browse your favorite categories and make use of the keywords related to your project. Still, if you don’t wish to be on a hunt for suitable music, give us all the details about what you’re looking for and leave it to us.

We strongly believe in the power of sound effects to amplify the visual messages we need to communicate and spend a considerable amount of time to find (or even sometimes create) a suitable sound effect and use it in harmony with the visual effect it compliments.


Sound effects are mixed scrupulously and in total harmony with narration and visual events, using exclusive and creative techniques and methods. All the sound effects used in the project are available to you along with project source files upon your request in the Order Form or at the time of signing the contract.

We are honored to advocate for the empowerment of the most remarkable companies and ideas by communicating their message through effective structure, appropriate narration, and amazing graphic flow. Our Animation & Motion Graphics Studio offers expertise in planning and making of Animated Commercials, explanatory educational and fictional Animation, and Motion Graphics services in highly detailed flat, 2D, isometric, and 3D professional forms.


Our work involves in-depth research to produce high-quality content and compelling and impactful storylines, professional storytelling in a multitude of styles and accents that further strengthen the storyline and creative direction. We try to keep this artistically rich and technically advanced to create works of art of the highest standards, specifically adapted to your objectives and needs for animated advertisements.


The main purpose of our Animated Commercials is to tell your story, convey your message, present your services and communicate their greatness in the most efficient and unique way possible. We work hard to get the quality that makes us, and everyone in our group feels good about putting our brands on us. We do not consider ourselves mass manufacturers, but creative filmmakers with a passion for creation and a determination to create the best solution through an Animated Commercial. We are satisfied with nothing less than creative visual products of superior quality. These standards have been integrated into the work process.

One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that we provide high value for your money in terms of quality. We have no intention of providing the cheapest motion graphics services, but we claim that we can offer at least 10 times more value and quality than the cost.


However, we are flexible with our plans and ready to make adjustments for a package that best fits your requirements.


To better describe the specificities you are looking for, drop a link to a video similar to what you´re looking for in your price range in the Cost Estimation Form and we will discuss a solution.

One of the core values of our team is the ceaseless striving for a never-seen-before quality level. We are always looking to turn your current project into our best sample project, the ones we show our potential customers. So we’re always trying to push the boundary of our creativity in our Animated Commercial Motion Graphics services while maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves. We’re always working, studying, and practicing to expand and train our perspective in a more effective and Inspiring way.

As Jeff Bezos says, “I very frequently get the question: 'What's going to change in the next 10 years?' And that is a very interesting question; it's a very common one. I almost never get the question: 'What's not going to change in the next 10 years?' And I submit to you that the second question is the more important of the two — because you can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time.” even 10 years later our customer wants great quality delivered in time, so as much as we try to be the most creative, we stick to what we know as our long time tested standards.

Keeping quality above the project standard is as important to us as producing it itself. We would not settle for anything less than optimal quality and we achieve it throughout the whole project. This starts with us as we dedicate our entire focus to a project when we start it. And this remains our top priority until the moment of delivery. We don’t accept two projects at once; we don’t even hold extensive meetings with other potential customers when we’re working on your order.

To achieve this integrity, we follow a proven self-correction methodology that we have developed over time. We examine each phase of the project to balance it with other interconnected parts and attain consistent quality throughout the entire animated commercial motion graphics project.

We have been increasing our experience and knowledge for the last 15 years by working in the fields of design, photography, filmmaking, special effects, animation, and motion graphics. And the result of those hard-working years is the unique and all-encompassing vision of the techniques, concepts, and intricacies of moving pictures and composition. We bring these together to rank high in all these disciplines and special motion graphics -which is the crossroads of them all.


We offer “Our Products and Services” to a wide variety of customers. We are honored to say that we have seen it all and got used to handling any regular and rare issue that can occur during the Motion Graphics services. This experience streamlined our procedures throughout many projects, to proceed as possible and to prevent unwanted challenges and hiccups.

We invest about 75% to 90% of financial, creative, and time resources into crafting the story behind the content; because we believe that the story is king. Even the simplest of visual effects works need a strong structural form and content. No image or video will be effective and moving if it doesn’t have strong, target-full, and original content. No cool visual effect or technique would get results if it’s not used to amplify and visualize a well-thought storyline.

Based on the bits and pieces of information that you provide and research about your business, we design an effective visual and textual content structure. This will help your audience understand your true abilities, and nudge them in the direction of Seeing your idea as the most viable solution.

We use tried and true structures for almost every genre of commercial animation or Motion Graphics services. And using one or a combination of them tailored to your needs and coupled with great content, we aim to bridge the gap with your audience in the most effective manner.

Here’s one of the structures by which we approach an advertising motion graphics project:

1) Establishing a common understanding of the problem we’re aiming to solve.

2) Presenting our strengths as a service provider who can solve the problem.

3) Giving the audience room to ponder and put together the puzzle to draw their conclusions.

4) Provide a way to start using our products or services as a conclusion using specific structures, e.g. a call-to-action button.

We offer lower rates for bigger initial Animated Commercial Motion Graphics services. It’s also possible to make an inquiry for a number of your orders (e.g. 10 episode series). If you’re making a huge order, make sure to mention it in the “Cost Estimation Form” to get a more accurate quote. This discount is only available if the entirety of the project is signed under a single contract.

We also offer other discounts for:

1) Verified charities.

2) Researchers and science popularizers.

3) Start-ups.

We have always made our goal to be 10x better than our closest competition in Animated Commercial Motion Graphics services. and that goes for our industry-standard technology too! While you may have to wait hours for a sketch to render in other firms, our powerful systems output the results.

This -is almost- live rendering to complete enough revisions and refine the project until we get confident about it. It also assures you that we’re not cutting corners to be able to deliver on time. Plus, any tweak or edit that you wish to add later on will take effect almost instantaneously.

Working on our projects and Motion Graphics services, we imagine ourselves as the primary audience of our work and we try to connect to and enjoy it. a project with fewer well-adjusted elements is way more effective than a crowded screen. If we succeed in telling the story in a short and to-the-point manner, we achieve the primary goal. Establishing a connection with the audience, increase the chance of getting the message across, and creating an enjoyable work of art.

Our toolset in producing an Animated Commercial motion graphics teaser, is the (1) content, (2) the storyboard, (3) internal and environmental elements, (4) compositions, (5) special effects, (6) directing, (7) music, (8) and narration. We try to keep it as simple and as direct as possible while using every single one of these tools. This also helps to manage our resources and spend them on what matters the most. Also, keeps the customer from confusion by too much information and choices to choose from. So the audience has enough time and visual space to focus on the essential priorities.

Our analogy for authenticity in our projects is a bubbling spring. If we’re exploring your land of opportunities, we dig out an authentic source in it. Pulling water from the springs dugout before, won’t cut it for us.


What we try to achieve in providing our Animated Commercial Motion Graphics, is an original piece made for that specific customer. We don’t use templates, patterns, similar videos by others, or even our previous work. Except for vast inspirations to the General roadmap and our general style.

Our teams function as a single-task workforce, meaning we only focus on a single project at any time.


Designers of each department focus on and perfect the specifics of Animated Commercial Motion Graphics. every director or designer makes sure of the integrity and synchronization of one video or scene.

Order Animated Commercial Motion Graphics and more

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Animated Commercial Prices

Motion Graphics

Animated Commercial For Organized Specific Advantages
$ 500 per minute
  • Lit Visuals
  • Voice Over
  • Organized Data
  • Research Based
  • Intriguing Story
  • Emotive Sounds
  • Genuine Content

Logo Animation

Animation of Logo being formed from its own elements
$ 100 each
  • Entertaining
  • Identity Mark
  • Sound Effects
  • Brand Booster
  • Original Design
  • Glance Suitable
  • Logo Vector File

Live Action

Footage Based Commercial Videos for Physical Presentations
$ 1500 per minute
  • Editing
  • Lighting
  • Directing
  • Scouting
  • Videography
  • Sound Record
  • Post Production