Football GIF | Soccer Ball Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project

For this Soccer Ball Animated Gif I made the football pattern using after-effects shape layers first.
Then I projected this pattern on the ball using cc sphere effect. I had the ball and its pattern in two after-effects viewers next to each other while animating the pattern. This extra viewer (which is locked on the bigger composition) gives you live results of what it will look like. You can make a new viewer by right-clicking on the empty space around the current viewer.
1. Our football animated gif starts with a complete football. Which starts to rotate over the X-axis of the sphere as its connecting lines roll out with the trim path effect. This rotation starts after our football free gif gets a kick toward the point of view using the simple scale property of the layer.
2. After we get to +90 X rotation, the Soccer ball animated gif starts to rotate -90 degrees. As the final lines on the bottom of the ball roll out in the direction of the rotation.
3. Then all the connecting lines between the black pentagon areas on our football animation go out. And pentagons start to reshape into circles with shape path keyframes. As they reshape, they meet at the pole or center of the ball; I did this by moving them all to the bottom edge of their comp only with Y Position Direction. this line would be the pole area when it is projected on a sphere.
4. Then we have a little rotation around the pole. I did this by moving our then pentagon areas along the edge of the comp only with X Position Direction. After the little back-and-forth rotation, black parts reshape back to pentagons and move their previous Y position in two timing steps.
5. The Football animated GIF rotates back to its starting position. Simultaneously, as the connecting lines reappear using the trim path effect on their stroke. Making it a complete loop for our free soccer ball after-effects project.
Feel free to download, practice, customize and use after-effects projects without attribution necessity under this license.

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