This Motion Graphics GIF represents the concept of Motion Graphics and consists of 25 after-effects native shape layers and 2 null objects. It starts from a grey timeline mark.
1. As the dot shape path expands with keyframes, the timeline mark indicator moves down on the timeline of this Motion Graphics GIF and changes color from grey to orange. At the same time, A duplicate of the indicator, left behind under the primary mark, shifts its shape into a trapezius and then a square.
2. After the square is formed in our Motion Graphics GIF and free Motion Graphics After-Effects project, the timeline mark on the bottom of our Motion Graphics GIF Animated starts to move to the right like an actual mark on the timeline, indicating the passage of time through composition. Our square then squeezes and expands into a circle with shape path keyframes. meanwhile, a hand megaphone comes inside the forming circle. I used the same layer with a solid color for alpha matting the hand megaphone and another stroke layer on top of it, so the hand megaphone layer doesn’t show on the stroke. I named these layers “triangles” and their shape is linked to the main circle so further customization, doesn’t break mattes, and more.
3. Then the hand megaphone starts to spread sound waves with simple position and opacity properties, except, any part of the sound waves that leave the region of the main background circle, changes color from white to orange. this change of white to orange makes this Motion Graphics GIF and free Motion Graphics After-Effects project more suitable for white and bright backgrounds; since the white sound waves are now outside of their darker background. this was done by duplicating sound waves and using them with matte layers of the main shape background.
4. After some sound waves for a full second, the timeline starts to roll back to the center as the indicator mark reaches the center too.
5. After the indicator reaches the center, the sound waves stop spreading and change shape into an indicator mark as the moving timeline mark now goes up and merges with it. leaving the starting grey mark, to make a complete infinite loop animation.
You can download this after-effects project to learn and practice or use this Motion Graphics Gif Animated As a concept of motion graphics or advertisement in your commercial or personal website or video without the need for attribution under this simple license.

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