License GIF | Certificate Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project

1. In the first step of our free License GIF, License/Certificate paper, and badge outlines, scale up as concentric circles -like a target dartboard-, around a simple green circle with a slightly darker color stroke.
2. Then as the black stroke circles bounce back with the shape path into forming a paper, Two lines representing text on the paper reveal with trim paths effect while our ribbon tail pulls out. Simultaneously while the ribbon’s outer center of the badge gets a zigzag effect to look more like a ribbon, it gets a drop shadow effect to look more like a badge on top of the paper on our free license GIF animated Icon.
3. As the paper margins and lines representing a text, bounce back to their final form, the badge and ribbon on our free certificate animated GIF rotate back and forth a couple of times.
4. finally everything scales back to the starting green circle, as the ribbon pulls back into the badge. while the paper stroke shape path changes into a circle as the drop shadow effect disappears. I did this to make our starting green circle and form a motion-graphics loop.
You can use this License GIF and its components without the need for attribution under this simple License in your website, application, or video design, and anywhere there needs to be a representation of a license or certificate, literally or metaphorically.
Don’t forget to download the License/certificate free after-effects project to customize further on infinite after-effects shape layers and export it for your own purpose however you like.
This Certificate Animated GIF consists of 9 After-Effects Shape Layers and 2 after-effects null objects over 243 frames in 50 fps, available as lossless 1080px Transparent Animated GIF Icon, Master after-effects project and a lossy 350px Transparent Animated GIF Icon as our website’s featured image.

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