Flag of India GIF | Map of India Icon GIF Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project | भारत का झंडा | भारत का मानचित्र

This alpha channel India Flag GIF and Map of India Animated Icon consists of 108 main after effects layers including nulls, shape layers and guide composition and images.
All the Graphical Elements in This Flag of India Animated GIF icon are shape layers which are equivalent of vector layers that can be infinitely resized and edited.
Colors and shapes in this flag of India GIF was referenced from this page which Is within India government domain of knowIndia.India.gov.in. The orange color is #F89837, the green color is # 168A43 and the Azure blue color of middle shapes of flag of India for this GIF and After Effects project is # 2C2C6F. if it’s not 100% accurate, all the colors can be changed within its after effects project.
This Map of India Morphing and forming Flag of India Logo Animation, consists of 314 single frames, in 50fps frame base which makes it the total of 6 seconds and 14 frames in an infinite loop.
1. Our Map of India And flag of India Animated Icon GIF stars from the map of India with stroke color of its middle shapes. The starting map of India is in Alpha channel with no background to for any background usage.
2. The Map of India starts to morph into a cicle which is the middle and main part the map of India. I used a system of 64 intersecting lines that meet in the middle of this circle. The reshape guide composition can be found in the flag of India and map of India free after effects project.
3. As the map of India which has the colors of flag of India morphs into the middle part of the flag of India, main green and orange color of flag of India, each carrying half of the white part of the flag of India come in from the top and bottom of the frame.
Watch This video of reshaping method and making this Flag of India in adobe after effects 2021

4. As the background and middle circle shape of the flag of India forms, the small circles the half of them can be seen inside the main middle circle in the flag of India, scale up one after another from their middle anchor points in clockwise order. There are 24 smaller circles with 15 degrees angular distance.
5. At same time the smaller circles scale up in the middle of map of India that is reshaping into the flag of India, the long arrows around the smaller circle in the middle (which is already scaling up) scale up with the same timing and direction. There are also 24 arrows with 15 percent angular distance to fill the complete 360 circle.
6. Once the flag of India is completed forming from the map of India, the gif stops on the map for 2 seconds on the Flag of India.
7. Then as the inner circle starts to morph into the map of India, the background colors go out and inner shapes close into each other with rotation, before scaling down. This creates the starting state of the Map of India in this free Animated GIF, to form a complete and infinite loop.
This India Flag and Map GIF Icon is available in 350px 50 fps transparent Animated Icon GIF with no background, 1080px 50 fps GIF without background, and Shape (Equivalent of vectors in after effects) Based After-Effects 2021 project file.
Feel free to download the after-effects project to infinitely resize and customize after-effects shape layers.
You can use this Flag of India and Map of India Icon GIF or after-effect project to practice or use in your non-commercial and commercial projects. Without the need to attribution under our simple license.

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