Flag of China GIF | Map of China Icon GIF Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project | 中国国旗 中国地图

This Animated Icon GIF of the flag of China GIF consists of 244 frames, operating on a 50 frames-per-second basis, resulting in a total duration of 4 minutes and 44 seconds.
The background red color for the China flag and map is #DE2910, and the yellow color of the stars is #FFDE00.
1. At the beginning of our Flag of China GIF Icon, we feature the map of China, created using a simple After Effects shape layer.
2. The China map then undergoes a transformation with bezier keyframes, evolving into the prominent large star of the Chinese flag. This transformation is achieved by applying keyframes to the shape of the map and converting it into a star. The process involves initiating the shape star tool in After Effects, subsequently converting it to a bezier path for the ability to modify its path and reverse engineer it into the map of China. An Intersecting Lines system is utilized to activate its comp, mapping the spline points of the China flag star onto the China map.
3. As the map reshapes into the main star, duplicates of the main star are formed and maneuvered into position to constitute the smaller stars on the Flag of China. I utilized a same-size duplicate of the main star from the China Flag and map, placing it on the track matte of the smaller stars to create a 3D illusion. This involves casting a shadow on the smaller stars from the main star of the China flag as they move.
4. After holding the frame for a couple of seconds on the completed China flag in a square format, we commence the reverse process to recreate the initial map of China, thus achieving a seamless and perfect infinite loop.
with each formation of stars in the China Flag, there is a slight reposition so the main star goes to the center as the map of china.
The critical timing aspect of this Flag of China GIF Icon involves initiating the formation of the China map and flag stars simultaneously, synchronizing their movements to culminate in the final shape.
This China Flag and Map GIF Icon is available in 350px 50 fps Animated Icon GIF, 1080px 50 fps GIF, and Shape (Equivalent of vectors in after effects) Based After-Effects project file.
Feel free to download the after-effects project to infinitely resize and customize after-effects shape layers.
You can use this Flag of China and Map of Ccina Icon GIF or after-effect project to practice or use in your non-commercial and commercial projects. Without the need to attribution under our simple license.

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