Arrow GIF | Arrow Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project

This Arrow animated GIF And free after effects project was made from simple after effects shape path, and rotation property.
1. first, a wave goes through the arrowhead, then the arrow slices of our free arrow GIF from right to left. then arrow parts go to the left a bit and go to the right on a circle.
2. This spin was done by Y rotation on distant null objects. I used multiple null objects because I initially wanted to enter the arrow parts with scale, using different anchor points.
I colored the front plates of our free arrow gif, dark blue, using a simple shape fill color. then extruded the shape which was only possible using the e build in cinema 4d. I color the side with stroke color to orange. All arrow parts of our arrow animated GIF have another duplicate, a couple of pixels behind in z-axis, to color the back plates a darker blue than the front, with their fill colors which are all linked to the “triangle” shape`s solid color.
every arrow part and its duplicate follow a null which follows its top null with delay. all the way until the last specific null which is “null 8” before the “big null”(for universal transform). this “null 8” is the leader that has different values and leads fellow nulls that have using this expression: A=thisComp.layer(index-1).transform.yRotation; B=thisComp.layer(“Adjustment Layer 1”).effect(“Slider Control”)(“Slider”)*thisComp.frameDuration; A.valueAtTime(time-B)
“index-1” says to look at the top layer. and slider control on the adjustment layer controls how much the next layer should be delayed to create a wave as the arrow parts rotate.
I usually don`t use light on these types of 3D workflows like this Arrow Animated GIF in after-effects, and if I do it just for cast shadows, I turn off “accept light” to keep my exact desired colors. since it doesn’t look 3D-ish while it’s not clean. plus, solid single colors perform better as GIFs.
You can use this free arrow GIF for your personal or commercial PowerPoint presentation, website, or videos without the need for attribution under this license.
This Arrow Animated GIF can be used to point at stuff in your desired direction after you rotate it.
You can also download the free after-effects project to customize further or learn and practice.

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