After Effects GIF | After Effects Animated Icon + Royalty-Free After Effects Project | 2019 To 2022 Logo Change

1. Our After Effects GIF Icon and free After Effects icon after-effect project, starts from the adobe after-effects 2019 logo.
2. Then its borders squeeze with a couple of simple shape path keyframes, the font inflates (also with shape path keyframes) and the main stroke gets thinner to the point of disappearance (using keyframes on stroke width).
3. Then the shape border of our After Effects GIF Icon and free After Effects after-effect project bounces back into After Effects cc 2022 logo with border-radius. As the more purple-ish color changes into the more blue-ish one with keyframes on solid color. At the same time the bright highlight on the top left of the older after-effects logo moves out of the background shape. In the same time span, Ae characters bounce and change into the new logo font.
4. The completed after effects 2022 cc logo in our After Effects GIF Icon stands still for a full second, then as “Ae” characters and the shape background start to squeeze in, the shape of background stroke thickens, the background color changes to the starting old purple, and the bright highlight moves in from the top right to the top left.
5. Finally “Ae” characters and shape background, inflate bounce back into their starting point which was the old logo; to form a seamless motion graphics loop for our After Effects GIF Icon and free After Effects after-effect project.
This After Effects GIF Icon and free After Effects after-effect project consists of 8 after-effects shape layers, similar to adobe illustrator shape layers. These spline-based shape layers are designed to be resized and customized with no limit, and loss.
You can download this to use or practice without attribution necessity under this license.

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